The information on this page is meant to help you get started along with a good idea of what is expected.

It is important to read through the volunteer manual located HERE. All of the information regarding volunteering is in the manual. Please come to the ranch at least 15 min before your scheduled time so that we can get you squared away.

Great Strides keeps a record of when volunteers are in attendance at the ranch as well as being aware of who is on the ranch premises at all times. In addition, many volunteers need community service credit for their college or high school resume, honor society application or scouting badges*. In order to give you proper credit for your hard work we require that every volunteer sign in and out each time you volunteer. The sign in sheet is located on the clipboard in the indoor arena. We also recommend you keep track of the number of hours you have worked for any documents you many need signed.

You've most likely been instructed to ask for the instructor on schedule. Please give the instructor your completed VOLUNTEER FORMS. Remember the first 4 pages MUST be filled out!

This is really important and we cannot state this enough. Your presence is critical to the success of this program, therefore we depend on you to be reliable and punctual. This allows us to ensure your support and provides consistency for the students. Cancellations and no-shows may cause a lesson to be cancelled in the event a last-minute volunteer replacement cannot be found. Please be sure to be at the ranch 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Wear comfortable clothes for the expected weather. Comfortable walking shoes are a must!  

You can find the location of the ranch HERE. If you are searching the location on your GPS please use the town of "Coram".  The town of "Middle Island" will take you to an incorrect address.

You are now a member of the Great Strides Volunteer Team, the BEST on Long Island! Have a great time!