Running any kind of equestrian program, especially in an area like Long Island, is a very expensive proposition.  While lesson fees are kept as reasonable as possible, riding is still expensive, especially for families who have the added expenses of a special needs child.  Great Strides strives to support the riding programs by raising funds.

Those who get involved helping others feel an immense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. All of us at Great Strides, from the Executive Director to the youngest volunteer to our major donors find joy in what Great Strides gives each of our participants. We all know that we are a part of something special and we feel special for doing our part. If you want to share in the joy, pride and satisfaction of helping others make great strides, consider joining our family.  There are many opportunities for corporations, smaller businesses and individuals to help support a thriving healthy program. Whether you support our horses, volunteer to lead or sidewalk, help us get the word out about a fundraiser or give us a financial donation you will be a part of a group that believes in the power of the horse/human relationship and giving of ourselves. Take your first step. Come down and visit us. See what happens when horses and humans work together. One step is the first in making GREAT STRIDES!

To make a donation, email