Great Strides is introducing a new program for people who are seeking animal-assisted counseling. Our Social Work intern, Amanda Moffettone, will provide counseling under the direction of Deborah J. Kolomick, LCSW. Amanda is a second year MSW student at Stony Brook University. The program will consist of weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute sessions. The sessions will give individuals a chance to bond with their horse through grooming while also receiving guidance in resolving personal difficulties in both a peaceful and private area on the ranch. 

Half hour riding lesson followed by half hour of counseling with a horse on the ground (grooming, grazing, etc.). $65 (special rate for pilot program)

30-minute counseling with horse on the ground without riding lesson (grooming, grazing, etc.) ($30 per session pilot program rate)


“I have discovered that the ability to break away from every day stresses and focus on a peaceful place of mindfulness is a method that can have an especially profound effect on those who are in need of emotional, mental, and physical support. Nature provides a relaxing environment and helps people to disconnect from the anxieties of modern life and alleviate feelings of distress. Similarly, animals foster a wide spectrum of positive effects regarding one’s mental health by serving as a source of developing compassion and empowerment while also providing a sense of calm and comfort during the counseling process. Animal-assisted therapy can help people develop a better sense of self-worth and trust, stabilize their emotions, and improve their communication, self-regulation, and socialization skills. It can be a useful intervention for individuals or groups of all ages.” -Amanda Moffettone